We structured the operation and business model.

We implemented the tokenization technology and financial engineering.

We implemented the tokenization technology and financial engineering.

We are advisors.

We structured the operation and business model.

We implemented the tokenization technology and financial engineering.


Fixed Income Investment backed by cryptocoins

Through Kipstone's solutions you invest in Certificates of Deposit and other Fixed Income products using cryptocoins.

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Private payroll loans for corporations and banks

We structure private payroll loans using our solutions and know-how.

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Payroll loans

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Structuring of Bond Issuances

With our solutions, your business can benefit from the issuance of capitalization bonds for promotions and collections for philanthropic and associative entities.

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Get to know our structured financial solutions for ICO & STO.


Financial services and business structuring in Blockchain


We raise capital for startups and medium-sized companies by Blockchain


Biggest option that allows alternative solutions to swift


Clearing and custody services for asset acquisitions by Blockchain


Technology Solutions to Integrate Payroll Credit by Blockchain


Reduce cost and increase the security and speed of your sales


We bring state-of-the art innovation to the financial markets with agile solutions in Blockchain.

Leading blockchain technology to leverage your business or startup. Let us become your partner to power your business with operations and financing solutions

Kipstone brings leading innovation to the financial market with solutions in Blockchain including the complete coordination of ICO / STO operations, integration of means of payment, and sophisticated financial services platform to distribute financial products from leading banks, with custom solutions for companies, financial institutions, investment funds, governments and individuals.

Joining forces with solid external partners, Kipstone has created an ecosystem where it is possible to provide management services for an ICO/STO and Blockchains startups in the most comprehensive manner – in essence, the complete spectrum that goes from raising capital to providing operational solutions.

We believe in the decentralization of financial services through products and services that accompany the digital and technological revolutions we are all witnessing.

With a rich ecosystem capable of providing the best solutions for your market, we offer all the base, technology and knowledge to take your business further.


Endless possibilities to make your business go ever further.

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