1 - The information provided by users will be stored electronically in accordance with the most modern and strict standards of secrecy and security.

2 - Personal information provided by users will be used for their registration, contracting of products and services, adhesion to offers and commercial and other promotions, in compliance with the relevant legislation and standards.

3 - The information provided by users will be transmitted electronically over the internet, using a secure and encrypted process.

4 - The information collected from users will only be accessed by authorized employees and exclusively for the exercise of their functions.

5 - All information collected may only be provided to third parties upon judicial determination.

6 - We may make use of cookies or other equivalent technical instrument for the validation of your identity, monitoring of your navigation, personalization of your data and preferences.

7 - All data collected will be preserved in full.

* The cookie is an electronic file recorded on the user's computer so that it is possible to store data related to their navigation and preferences and personalizations on a given website. KIPSTONE does not use a cookie that records your personal data, passwords or operations performed.

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