We innovate the financial market with solutions in Blockchain, DLT and Cryptoassets.

Kipstone innovates the financial market with solutions in Blockchain, DLT and Cryptoassets, including the role of coordinator in ICO and STO operations, integration of means of payment, sophisticated, structured and personalized financial services platform for companies, financial institutions, investment funds. investment, governments and individuals.

By uniting a specialized team with the strength of strategic partners, Kipstone has created an ecosystem where it is possible to provide management services for an ICO or STO and for businesses that involve Blockchain technology in a broad way, that is, taking into consideration a comprehensive analysis and understanding of the parties that make up this whole process with the expected objectives.

We believe in the decentralization of financial services through products and services that accompany the digital and technological revolutions we are experiencing.

With a rich ecosystem, capable of providing the best solutions for your market, we offer all the base, technology and knowledge to take your business even further.

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